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Save time and money while increasing the longevity of your dryer and reducing the risk of fire with regular dryer vent cleaning.


By collaborating we not only promote each others services we collectively provide knowledge and awareness to household hazards and how to keep our communities safe.

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Examples of Industry Partners

You need to be aware of fire safety regulations when it comes to your HVAC system and do the necessary maintenance to ensure everything will be running smoothly.
Electrical fires are a dangerous reality. The wrong wiring, appliances, or outlets can be deadly. Even a single lightbulb can cause a house fire if preventative measures aren’t taken.
Fire Alarm Testing
Adequate fire protection demands an effective, properly maintained fire alarm system. Any delay in detecting a fire increases the risk of loss for your building and its occupants.
Chimney Sweeps
The majority of chimney fires can be prevented by reducing the buildup of creosote in your chimney and having your chimney annually cleaned out and inspected by a chimney sweep.
Denying your trees regular pruning or care increases the potential for the spread of fire due to low lying branches and excess yard waste (leaves/bark/sticks).
Local Municipalities
Your local municipality has the local fire code as well as fire prevention programs and services to make sure everyone who lives and works in your community is safe.

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